Hello everybody and welcome back to another post. So today I thought I would do something fun and  a little different. This is 'The Australian Tag' and it is basically a series of different questions and would you rathers about being Australian. So lets get started! :)

What state do you live in?

I live in Queensland

What states have you visited around Australia?

Other than Queensland, not that many. I have been to New South Wales and Victoria but I'm not even sure if Victoria counts because it was just at the airport in Melbourne soooo?

What do you order at Boost Juice?

I will usually get a mango tango or if I'm feeling adventurous, a tropical crush.

Golden Gaytime or Pavlova?

Although I really love pavlova, I would rather a Golden Gaytime because I feel like you really have to be in the mood for a pavlova.

Cricket or AFL?

Neither, haha but if I had to chose it would be AFL.

Who is your favourite Australian actor/actress?

Hugh Jackman.

Describe your formal night in high school?

If you don't know already, a formal is like a prom but in Australia we call it formal. I have never had a formal before but I am so excited for when I do.

Do you like vegemite, if so how do you eat it?

Yeah I like vegemite, but if I was to recommend it for someone to try, please don't eat it straight off the spoon. I eat it with a very thin layer spread on toast with butter.

Have you ever seen or petted a kangaroo?

Yeah haha my local zoo and theme park both have a kangaroo enclosure where you can just walk up and feed them and pet them.

Have you ever seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?


Do you say mate or g'day?

No, but I do have a few friends who say mate.

Jumper or sweater?


What do you think of Australia overall?

I really love Australia, its so much fun and there are so many different things to do and see everyday :)

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day! Byeeeeeee!

Jade Madeleine, xo

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