Hello everybody and welcome back to another post. Before I get started, I would just like to say that I am very sorry that there has not been a new blog post in over a month, but school was piling up over the past couple of weeks and because it is nearly end of term and everything is being submitted in, I have time to create a new one :) Although over the past few weeks, I do have to say how I forgot how much fun it is to write new posts. I just feel like it has been so long. But anyways I am just rambling on...

The Liebster Awards is a tag, if you will, for new bloggers with only a small following. If you are nominated than the person who nominated you gives you 11 questions to answer and you do so. Then you give the people you nominate another 11 questions and so on. It is basically a way for people to discover new blogs as they go. I was nominated by Chlo (aka Fashion Wonderland) who has a wonderful blog, so thank you so much! Please go and check her out!

Let's begin with her questions!

Q1 - Why did you start blogging? I am pretty sure I mentioned this in my very first blog post which was my introductory, but the reason is because it is another place that I can share my thoughts and opinions on things. Also another main influence was other popular bloggers. They just looked like they were having so much fun, so I thought I would try it out!

Q2 - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? To be honest I would say England, because I love it there so much. I actually have family there so I think I love it because wheneve we go I have such an amazing time and make so many fun memories, but also because it is such a contrast to where I live (which is Australia if you didn't know). But if I had to pick somewhere new, I would definitely pick New York/America in general because it is such a lovely place.

Q3 - What is your favourite makeup brand? Although I have only had just under a year where I have been proper into makeup, I think my favourite is either L'Oréal or Benefit. Both bring out such amazing products so I'm not sure.

Q4 - Do you prefer tea or coffee? Although I love coffee, I think I am going to choose tea because you can have it anytime of day and still feel rather relaxed, and plus there is so many different flavours where as coffee there is not so much.

Q5 - What is your favourite animal? My favourite animal if by far a monkey.

Q6 - Are you currently reading a book, if so what is it? Technically I am but I totally don't want to. I am reading Unpolished Gem. It is basically a book for school that I have to write a persuasive text about and it is super boring and I don't like it so I have pretty much wrote the text without reading the book. Which worked out well so thats good. But just to balance that out and make me sound not so terrible, over the holidays, which start in about a week, I plan to re-read Legend which is one of my favourite books ever! Although I know I probably won't finish it cause I am the slowest reader ever haha.

Q7 - Do you prefer taking pictures for your blog or writing content? Although I love taking photos and photography, I do prefer writing content because I tend to ramble and just think it is so much fun! I am so sorry if you don't like reading so much (as you can probably tell by some of these answers), but I just can't help it.

Q8 - What is your favourite meal? Now, when I read this question I pondered it for a very long time, and the first thing I thought of was pizza. I then tried to think more cause pizza is the answer almost everyone gives but ended up coming back round to pizza. So I guess pizza. 

Q9 - What are your goals for 2016? This year I am really trying to keep at this blog. Although I say this and haven't posted in a while it never really goes out of my mind. I am constantly keeping a list in my phone of new blog post idea's so stick around for those!

Q10 - Name one beauty product that you cannot live without? I would say mascara, and although I live by it everyday, I am going to say another only because I have already mentioned that before. The (other) one beauty product I cannot live without is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I love it so much because it makes me feel all fresh and clean and you can actually see the results on your skin. It removes all dirt from my face which keeps my spots minimal. I will link it here incase you would like to check it out.

Q11 - Who is your favourite YouTuber? My favourite YouTuber is by far Zoella. She is just amazing and my total inspiration, for this blog in particular.

I have decided to nominate...

And my questions are...

Why did you decide to start blogging?

What is your current favourite song/artist at the moment?

What is your favourite subject in school?

What is your favourite store to shop in?

Have you travelled much, if so where have you travelled to?

Do you have any pets?

Do you have a current obsession?

What is your favourite social media platform?

If you could live someone else's life for a day, who's would it be?

What is your biggest fear?

Righty or lefty?

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing all your posts! xo

Jade Madeleine, xo

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