Hello everyone and Happy Easter! I hope you are having a good holiday and are enjoying your chocolate indulge! I know I totally am! Today I really wanted to do an Easter themed post and so I decided to show you guys the nail polishes in my collection that would suit great for the Easter holiday time. I personally enjoy doing my nails. I know some people really don't but I just sit back and wait for them to dry by watching a show or something other wise the time does tend to drag on.

These nail polishes are mainly pastels and glittery because to me that just screams Easter! I have also included a nail art tool. This one has a very small brush on one end and a little ball on the other, great for doing some cute intricate designs. These colours probably wouldn't go well together but you can make some amazing looks and designs with them separately. Colours that pop such as white, orange, blue, purple and even glitter make amazing fun styles for your special Easter day. One of my favourite things to do on the holidays, when I can paint my nails, is do a nice ombre with a chunky gold glitter. It looks so amazing and is easy to do. On the other hand (ha see what I did there) if you would like to go for a more relaxed, chilled back nail look, pastels are definitely the way to go. You just need to find what suits you the best.

I also added in my two favourite top coat polishes. The first one is Colour by TBN in the shade "Crystal Clear 171". This is a standard top coat that gives maximum shine, but my all time favourite is the Colour Stay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. Just hearing the words diamond makes your jaw drop so of course I had to splurge a bit and purchase it. It's the one that looks black in the photo and probably threw you off for festive Easter colours, but I prormise you it's not. I am pretty sure though that it is best when you use it with other colours from the same range but I like to just use it on top of any old colour to not only make it shine amazingly, but also make it last a whole lot longer.

I hope this post has given you some sort of inspiration in some way to spice up your nails. It's one thing to participate in festive times of the year, and it's another to look the part, like during Christmas for example. Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed the post please don't forget to share and comment down below any of your thoughts, and don't forget to have a wonderful day and remember, HAPPY EASTER!

Jade Madeleine, xo

Do you have any special plans for Easter this year?

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