So we have all had those days when we just have no idea what to do with our hair. Whether that is for school or not, sometimes it can be quite hard to do something different. Today I thought I would show you how I change up the typical Half Up Top Knot by adding a braid to the top.

I recommend trying this with not so fresh hair like a lot of other hair styles. This is because generally after you wash your hair it doesn't have as much volume and can be quite flat. Mine was two days old (meaning I washed not yesterday but the day before) but I also prepped it with a little bit of dry shampoo just onto my roots for extra texture and lift. After you have done that, section off a large part of hair just at the top of your head just to give yourself an idea of where to stop, and then begin to do a semi tight braid to that point. I would show you how to braid if you are unsure but being that this is a blog, it is rather hard. I will leave a link here if you are having any difficulties.

Once you have finished, you are going to add in some hair from the back to make the bun more voluminous because currently the piece of hair you have is most likely quite thin. To do this,  start by plaiting the end of the braid regularly about half way to make sure it stays tight and won't fall out. Add portions of hair from the back of your head near the the braid so that you have a much thicker piece of hair in your hand.

Once you are happy with the amount of hair that you have, then secure it with a hair tie.

This is the point where if you prefer it to look messy and not so on the neat side then begin to loosen it and pull out little bits because once you put the bobby pins in it will be so much harder to adjust. 
Once you feel it is just right, carry on with a normal Half Up Top Knot but twirling the pony tail and wrapping around securing it with a little elastic. If your hair is particularly thick than you may want to use another elastic to make sure it doesn't move. Once it is secured, you can pull and tug on the bun to create your perfect shape and use bobby pins to keep it in place.

If you do re-create this style, please send me a picture on Twitter or Instagram. I would absolutely love to see! Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day!

Jade Madeleine, xo

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