Hello everybody and welcome back to another post! Today I thought I would do a cheeky little monthly favourites, only the difference is when I do these, they are not monthly. Hahaha but I still enjoy writing them and sharing with you guys what products and random things I have been loving lately. So lets begin!



My first beauty favourite is the very well known, and it is the Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara. I know I am definitely not the first to rave about this product and I am so late to the party but it is just so amazing. Funny story though, I would wear this day after day and when it came to taking off my make up, I couldn't understand why it was so hard to remove. Then one day I was just looking at the packaging and saw that it said waterproof. *Face palm*. Totally didn't realise and felt so silly cause I just couldn't understand why it was so hard to remove. Haha but anyways.

My next favourite of this month is Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer by Maybelline. I have to say it definitely lives up to its name and stay all day. Even when I am applying it because I usually put some under one eye and then the other and then blend. Like I don't do one eye, blend then the other. I just do it all at the same time. When I begin to blend it, I feel like I need to be quick. Haha this sounds really bizarre but if I take my time, I struggle to blend because it has already begun to settle on my skin and I start to tug to move the product so definitely be quick. It definitely lasts all day and also has such an amazing consistency. I usually use it under my eyes because it is to light for blemishes on my face and just makes me look so awake.

My last beauty favourite is my BB Cream by Garnier 'Miracle Skin Perfector'. I am pretty sure I don't have sensitive skin but I always tend to reach for the one for that one because I always want something more gentle than normal on my face, even if I don't get a reaction or anything to the normal one. Besides, we only have one face so we better look after it. I just really love how smoothly this goes on to my face. I use my hands because it is so easy to apply, it is kind of like a sunscreen consistency, which makes sense because it is a BB Cream and has an SPF of 15 but also is a really good overall corrector for my skin.

Skin Care

I only have one skin care favourite this month only because I change up my skin care routine very rarely. I usually wait for the product to run out and then go on a hunt for a new one but this month I went for Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Wash and Scrub by Nivea. I use it in the night time as a thorough scrub after I have done a quick wash down with my Micellar Water. I just wet my face with warm water and then wash my face with it. It has a very nice subtle exfoliant and leaves my skin so incredibly soft after I finish using it. Also helps reduce any spot I may have which is a big bonus in my opinion.


So I was in Target the other day and was browsing for a nice Mothers Day present and came across the candles. To my delight they were having a mothers day sale and I picked up this candle which is Pomegranate and Mimosa Single Wick. Smells amazing, very fruity and fresh, something I would not imagine myself buying at this time of year but apparently I did. When I was deciding on buying it there was a single wick and a triple wick, regretfully I chose the single wick but its ok because I plan to head back on my Target adventure and see what other amazing scents I can find. Because after all, Target it actually the best shop in the world.

TV Shows

My last favourite for this month is Pretty Little Liars. Again I am so late to the party but I was putting off watching it for so long because I knew that it was a bit scary and creepy, but I am so hooked. I am obsessed with mystery shows and this one is so amazing. It is so gripping and funny (at parts) and I am currently half way through season 5. Getting so near the end and I am so excited to finally find out who A is. I have no current suspicions of who it could be because I suck at figuring these things out. I think my favourite character is definitely Hannah. She just says the funniest things at the wrong times and I feel like I can so relate. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this short little favourites post. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day! Byeeeeeee!

Jade Madeleine, xo

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