So in approximately twelve hours I will be on my way heading to Japan. I am going for two weeks for a school trip and I am so excited, but I'm still in that stage where it doesn't feel that real until my alarm goes off at 4:00am tomorrow morning. Today I thought I would show you guys what I am taking in my carry on luggage. I am only taking a normal suitcase and a backpack for my carry-on cause I don't really want to be mentally thinking about more than I have to if that makes sense. If you didn't know, I am a very forgetful person.

So in my backpack, I am bringing the following things;
  • A fluffy jumper - because it gets so so cold on planes and it will also double up as a pillow if I scrunch it up haha.
  • Simple face wipes
  • Uno cards - incase I get bored and want to play with a firend aha.
  • My wallet - cause you know thats kinda important, it also has my passport in it.
  • A pair of socks - so that as soon as I get on the plane I can take off my shoes and put my socks on to be a bit more comfortable.
  • Soap and Glory hand cream
  • My portable charger - because we all know that iPhone batery life is not that great and I highly recommend getting one of these.
  • My mini Victoria Secret perfume bottle - becuase it's perfect travel size and smells really good, and it's not too strong.
  • A hand sanitizer - another way to make myself feel more clean than I actually am.
  • My "just say... YES" bag by Zoella - because it's the perfect size and actually fits a heap.

Inside my little essential bag is;

  • A pot of lip balm - to keep my lips nice and soft and not dry.
  • My adapter for my phone I can plug into a Japanese wall - becuase thats important when you are travelling to another country.
  • My phone charging cord - kind of a must.
  • Earphones - another must, especially with me.
  • Pocket tissues
  • Pocket wet wipes
  • My Zoella solid fragrance - this is so perfect for travelling, its not going to burst in my bag and its so easy to apply and smells amazing.
  • Band aids
  • Panadols
  • My Victoria Secret body lotion
  • Deoderant
  • An inhaler - becuase I can get really bad hayfever, especially because it's spring.

Thank you guys all so so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and liked seeing what I am taking on my trip to Japan. Don't forget to share and comment down below and stay tunned for some pictures from my trip. Have a wonderul day, byyyeeeeeeee!

Jade Madeleine, xo


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