Hello everybody and welcome back to another post. Today is something special for me because this is my 30th blog post! For me that is a bit of an accomplishment so I thought I would share with guys 30 Facts About Me. These are one of my favourite posts to read and write so hopefully you will enjoy it as well. Lets begin.

1. My most used emojis are the cry laughing face and the upside down smiley face.

2. I get dèjà vu a lot and I have no idea why? (If you don't know what dèjà vu is it is basically a feeling of familiarity and or having felt like you have already lived through something before.)

3. I am really excited to move out of home. Not because I really want to leave necessarily but because I am excited to have my own place and to decorate it how I like.

4. I love playing video games.

5. I hate driving on narrow roads. Not that I drive on them but when I do with my family I get really tense and scared, especially if we are going up the side of a mountain.

6. My first proper job was working at a mini golf.

7. I am currently working at my parents coffee shop.

8. I don't like dishes. I think they might be my most dreaded chore.

9. The Sims is my favourite game.

10. I have had the chicken pox before when I was 8 but never measles. 

11. I used to be a gymnast from ages 2-8 and almost levelled up to level 5 but I stopped.

12. My favourite socials medias are Twitter and Pinterest

13. I am gluten free, ish.....

14. I have the worst upper body strength ever.

15. I also have a bad short term memory.

16. Sometimes when I totally can't fall asleep, I put on some music and then I find it easier to fall asleep, I don't know why.

17. When I like a song I play it on repeat until I'm over it. It's kind of like a phase and I still enjoy the song but just not like totally obsessed with it.

18. I am the annoying person where if I am lost or confused in a movie I will just keep asking questions.

19. I tend to crack my knuckles, but I really don't like doing it so I try to stop myself.
20. When I was little I had a bunk bed which had about a 10cm gap between it and the wall and I was petrified of spiders crawling up the side. So much so I wouldn't even look down the gap haha.

21. 'Friends' is my all time favourite TV show.

22. I never did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, even though I was voted twice I think, I just never did it. I think I meant to but I never did.

23. When I was about 10-13 years old my favourite games were babysitting games, like on the internet. I don't know why but I remember I even made my parents buy me a small subscription where I had extra features.

24. I got my ears pierced on my 14th birthday, which is quite late as most girls get them done when they are younger.

25. I am someone who totally doesn't like to share their feelings.

26. My favourite foods are pizza and sushi.

27. I used to play trumpet in primary school for three years.

28. My go to things to watch when I am sad or sick is Friends, any Disney movie or Zoella.

29. I prefer low music to loud.

30. I am the worst at keeping a straight face and I could never be an actor hahaha.

Thank you all so so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and getting to know a bit more about me. Let me know if you like these types of posts. I hope you enjoyed. If you did let me know in the comment and have a wonderful day! Byeeeeee!

Jade Madeleine, xo


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