So, for Christmas I was given $100 from my parents to spend in an AVON brochure that was delivered to my front door by my local sales rep.

The ordering process was very simple as I went through the little booklet I wrote down all the things that interested me along with the price and ordering number onto a piece of paper. After that, I sent a text message of the piece of paper to the number attached to the booklet. A week and a bit later the package was delivered by the lady who dropped off the brochure. Even though I was there at the time, I was not allowed to look at it until I unwrapped the items on Christmas morning. But, between you and me, my friend Simba (nickname given to her from a hilarious inside joke) was sleeping over at my house, and I just couldn't help showing her the package and the contents of it. It technically wasn't bad cause I already knew what was inside but still, we had to be super quiet.

Anyways back to the point, the package included:

  • Anew Age Transforming Foundation (Shade: Cream)
  • Anew Ultimate 7S Cleanser
  • Ultra Glazewear Absolute Lip Gloss (Satin Cherry)
  • Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo
  • Avon Extra Lasting Eye Liner
  • Eyeshadow Brush (two sided)
  • Nail Art Tool (two sided)
  • Compact Mirror

Each of these items are amazing. The main reason this post did not come sooner was because I did want to try each of the products before hand. I definitely think my two favourite products from this package are the lip gloss and the foundation. Reasoning behind this is mainly my age. I feel like when I wear too much makeup, the look can sometimes get a bit cakey and or make me look a lot more matured in a way (Like when I tried to fill in my eyebrows. Looked fine but just made me look a lot more older than my actual age.) Personally that does not suit well with me so when I first tried the foundation I was so relieved. The formula is very light weight, making you feel like you are wearing nothing and one or two pumps goes along way. I use two.

The lip gloss is also very similar. It is a very fun colour suited for everyday and not just one specific event. It applies translucent, meaning when on your lips it does not give the effect of a lipstick, just tinting your natural lip colour slightly. Gloss factor is also good and stay power is reasonable for a lip gloss. I think I reapplied 3 times over the whole day? Once after every meal.

Overall I am very happy with this little Christmas present and think all items were a massive gain. Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day!

Jade Madeleine, xo

Whats your favourite beauty product?

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