Hello everybody and welcome back to another post. The first of 2016! Today I decided to do a Q&A! All of these questions I received from Twitter - @jademadeleinex ;) -so special thanks to @_zalfie_15, @lilzoella and @CookieSuggs!

Let's begin!

Q1 - Why did you want to start making a blog? The reason I started this blog was because I thought it would be a great idea to not only write down my thoughts and experiences all in one place, but also somewhere I can share them.

Q2 - Would you ever consider making a YouTube channel? To be honest, yes. I have thought about it before but decided against it for now. I just thought I would start here and see how I go.

Q3 - Who is your favourite YouTuber? My favourite YouTuber is by far Zoella. She is an amazing role model and someone I just look up to for everything. She is such a happy and positive person that has personally helped me a lot.

Q4 - What is your favourite makeup product that you cannot leave the house without applying or taking with you? My most favourite makeup product is mascara. I apply it every morning and just feel like it brightens my eyes and makes me look a whole lot more awake. I don't necessarily take it with me because I know that I will lose, typical Jade. So usually I make my family wait for me to finish. Aha, again, typical Jade.

Q5 - Who is someone that inspires you? I have mentioned her name earlier and I am sure it will not be the last, but my role model is Zoella.

Q6 - What is one of your New Year's Resolutions? If you haven't made any, why not? Personally, I do not make resolutions and instead, I have small goals each year that I complete slowly as I go. But this year I decided to change, and one of my resolutions was to focus on my blog, specifically post at least a couple times a month.

Q7 - Do you have any of Zoë's beauty products? For a while, this answer would have been 'no' purely because I live in Australia and can't buy the products in stores. I can buy them online but just never got around to doing it. But, because I am so lucky, my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin came to Australia for Christmas from the UK. They brought me the Tutti Fruity Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion, Tutti Fruity Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel and the Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo.

Q8 - What is the best group chat on Twitter? I am only in one group chat on Twitter and it is called 'Nala's Nibbles'. Honestly, it is the best because I have become so close with all the girls and they are all so sweet.

Q9 - When did you start watching YouTube and why? I started watching YouTube in June of 2014. My friend introduced me to Zoella (told you haha) and I just loved her and all the others as well.

Q10 - What was your highlight moment in 2015? I think my highlight in 2015 was dance. Last year I joined one of my best friends dance lessons and it was an amazing experience. At the end of the year we had a massive concert and it was so much fun. I met so many new people and made many new friends. One more thing that just made my year was my friends. This year I made so many new friends as our little circle expanded. We had so many fun memories and I just can't thank them enough for making my year what it was.

Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day!

Jade Madeleine, xo

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