So it's official, 2016 is going way to fast already! I mean where has January gone?! It seems like yesterday I was driving down the road looking at all the pretty Christmas lights. I mean I am going to be honest and say that I was so upset to take down my Christmas Tree but it is just my favourite time of the year. Anyways, back to the blog. Today I have gathered a few of my favourites from January ranging from beauty to food! So lets get started.


Zoella Beauty

My first favourite of the month is my Zoella Beauty Candy Cream. This stuff smells so amazing and what I have realised is that I love it so much that I use it during summer. Now let me tell you, summer in Australia gets so hot and for me to be able to rub a hand cream onto my hands when they are not even that dry is very rare. When I first took a look at this bottle I realised it had little pink dots on it and just though to myself that it was very nice packaging. But when I used it I noticed that the little dots were actually in the product and immediately though they were a sort of exfoliant, because it is a body lotion although I use it on my hands mainly. They are actually really soothing and vanish after you have massaged the product into your skin. 

My next Zoella Beauty Product that I got for Christmas is the Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel. I am going to be honest and say yes it does smell good, but it is just a body wash. Nothing too too special. The main reason why I like it is because when you use most body washes in the shower they tend to no longer make your skin feels smooth and you sorta struggled to wash it off of your skin without dragging too hard. This product does not do that a little bit goes very far. 

The last product from my Zoella Range is the Two Balmy Lip Balm Duo. I don't believe this is still available to buy because it was part of the gift range but I use both of these product every day. The Vanilla Cream pot is a very very pigmented pink which I like just to get a little bit of colour onto my lips because after I have applied any make-up to my face I usually look like a ghost. I only use the tiniest bit and dab it onto my lips instead of swiping across because then I find that I apply to much. The Sweet Mint Lip Balm is a very beautiful nude colour and I apply it over the Vanilla Cream to get more gloss. I do prefer the Sweet Mint because it makes my lips begin to tingle which I think means it has some kind of plumping agent in it which I really love. And also I do prefer the colour but both do smell amazing!

Regular Beauty

I felt like I could not do this post without including my most favourite mascara at the moment. This is the L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture. This mascara is amazing and it follow very closely to my all time favourite Benefit Roller Lash. It mainly gives me volume but I would say if you want length as well, go for an extra coat.

My last beauty favourite for this month is my Beauty Blender. Now this is not a Beauty Blender by name but the product is absolutely the same. This particular sponge is by Chi Chi and it was only $6 from Target. I love this product so much because it really does give a flawless finish. It gets the job done in less time than a regular foundation brush or even your fingers.  This is the odd shape and I only chose it over the egg shape because I thought it would be easier to hold. I do need another however because this one is quite dirty, only because I use it dry after my BB Cream to pick up and excess oil off of my skin by dabbing it lightly. This is a nifty little trick I use to to stop my face from looking extra shiny during summer and I guess I have just learnt that BB Cream is not the same as foundation and doesn't come off a beauty blender as well!

Skin Care

This is the only skin product but it is one of my personal faves. It is the Anew Ultimate Cleanser. It was part of my Avon Haul that I got for Christmas and has been a ritual ever since.This stuff is truly amazing. I use it every night to remove make-up and any dirt from my face from the day. The thing that I love about it that I have never seen before is that it is a cream. Every cleanser I have used in the past has been a liquid or gel but never a cream. I simply apply to a dry face and massage around and then remove it with a warm wet flannel or towel. When I feel my skin after it is dry it feels as though I have already applied a moisturiser so usually I don't use one before bed because it kind of substitutes as a two-in-one product.


There are two candles that I have been obsessed with over the month of January and they are the Jasmine Noir (I am so glad that I am typing this could I would never be able to pronounce that) candle by Madison & French, and the Enchanted Holiday by Air Wick. I'll start off with the Jasmine Noir one. This one surprised me a lot because both of these candles I bought from the Reject Store (I am not going to deny I am a sucker for a good price). The reason it surprised me was because I lit this in my living room whilst I was watching TV and although it took a while, the scent was so strong. The area is definitely not a small room because it is open plan with the kitchen and dining but still managed to make the whole place smell incredible. The Enchanted Holiday I have only lit in my room and the reason why I love it so much is because I can go into my room and light it at 7:00pm to chill and watch some YouTube, and then by 11:00pm be ready to go to bed and blow it out, and it will have only used the tiniest bit. This is a very long lasting candle that I can say definitely lives up to the description "Frosted Vanilla and & Cupcake Delight Fragrance" Mmmmmm...


Now this is my very last category I promise and it only has two things in it. One of which is very strange and they are scrambled eggs and apple with peanut butter. Now I am very sorry if you do not like either of these but recently when my friend Madi came over for a sleepover we had scrambled eggs for breakfast (something I had not had in a fair while), and let me just say I am not sure if we cooked them differently or what, but they must have been the best I have ever had. I know, strange right? But I think I have had them for breakfast almost every day since. The next thing is a little snack that I have been making more frequently for myself. I love peanut butter and I love apples. So together they make the perfect snack and it's super simple. Good for anyone on a tight schedule or lazy like me.

I think that is all for now. I know this was a very long post but I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day!

Jade Madeleine, xo

Have you had any weird obsessions lately?

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