Hello everybody and welcome back to another blog post. Today I though I would do another not monthly but monthly favourites as we all know they don't come on time every month xD. However I still love to share with you guys what I am into and what I have been using lately so lets jump straight in!



The first product I am going to talk about is this concealer and it is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 20 Sand Sable. I honestly love this concealer so much and it's running really low so I will just have to pick another up very soon. It is such a smooth and creamy consistency and blends really really easy with a brush, sponge or even your finger. To be honest I half blend it out with my fingers and then finish it off with a beauty blender cause I feel like the beauty blender just absorbs the product way to fast.

My next favourite for this month makeup wise is the Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel. It was literally like $10 and I am so in love with it. It leaves such a lovely finish over my makeup and also adds a bit of extra coverage. This is totally my holy grail powder and it definitely seen better days if you ask me. It's great for me to use for school on its own maybe with a bit of concealer and mascara and gives a great flawless look especially for those hot days when your skin can get a little extra oily.


Not so recently I visited Mecca Maxima, which if you are living under a rock, it is basically a really amazing makeup store (which I am not sure if it is only in Australia) filled with expensive high end beautiful makeup and skin care. I went in there mainly just to look around and with my friends who were buying things and basically picked up the cheapest things in the whole store because I felt like I didn't want to leave empty handed. I reached for these two travel size Soap and Glory products which are so amazing. The first is the Hand Food Hand Cream in the scent original Pink (Rose and Bergamot). It is such a lovely little hand cream that I literally take everywhere with me. The smell is delightful and does wonders for my hands.

The second product is also by Soap and Glory and it is the Righteous Body Butter. Honestly, just like the hand cream this product does wonders for my skin. I think moisturising your hands comes given daily and for most it is just a thing we do. However, I always forget to do the rest of my body. Especially in winter my skin could use a but of extra TLC and the only time I remember to do so is basically when I give myself a pamper night. But since I have had this body butter I just feel like I remember to use it more cause I love it so much.

The next product is one that I have been loving for probably over a year and a half and it is this Black Mud Body Wrap by Jericho. It is such an amazing product and can basically be used for anything going on with your skin. I personally use it as a face mask so I apply it with a brush and wait for it to dry and then remove it. Afterwards it honestly makes my skin feel like silk and redness as well as any breakouts have reduced by heaps. Its also great for acne and rashes. It is all natural from the Dead Sea enriched with Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Seaweed and Vitamin E. Now if that doesn't make your mouth drop than I don't know what will. I guess you also know it's a really great product when you look in the ingredients and you can actually read all of them and its not like subdermatoglyphic 1203 ahaha.


The next product I have been loving is this Miraculous Oil by Garnier. As a person who naturally has very curly and dry hair. I do sometimes struggle to keep it in good condition all the time. I have found this product to work really well lately and it just brings so much life back into my hair. I use it when my hair is wet dry and whilst styling to maintain it the best it was so affordable. It also really helps in reducing frizz which is basically my hair every other day, but thats a whole other post.

Books and TV Shows

Okay so my recent obsession in TV shows is Gossip Girl. And yep like always I am so late to the party cause I mean this stopped filming years ago but I only just stumbled onto the dark side like last week when I finally gave into my friends telling me how good it is. Basically for anyone who has never seen or heard of this show, its about a bunch of rich kids living in the Upper East Side of New York who go to school and their lives are filled with much drama and romance and also bullying and judgement I guess. Somehow they get through each situation and life goes on. It is so gripping and has so many turns and romances and it also makes me laugh which I love in a show. Another reason I think I love it so much and am going to continue to watch it is because I guess it kind of is a mystery with the whole 'who is Gossip Girl concept' ahaha. I dunno I really want to stick around to see if they find out and if so who she is.

Recently for Secret Santa that my friends and I did I was given Girl Online: Going Solo! Just saying that makes me so happy cause I have wanted this book for so long. Ever since Zoe announced that she was even writing another book. It is honestly so good and I can't wait to find out when Noah comes back into the story and what is going to happen.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed. Don't forget to share and comment down below and have a wonderful day! Byeeeeeeee!

Jade Madeleine, xo


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